After you've started taking the steps to optimize your body's systems  and they have made the "switch" from building and maintaining fat to discarding  it  and actually using the foods you put into it more efficiently so they're not stored as fat you can move on to optimize your diet and eating habits. You should be able to eat  foods you enjoy without reservation. Even while trying to lose weight! Limiting the amount of food you eat or any kind of portion control should NEVER be done. It only leads to constant cravings , discomfort and vicious cycles of obsession with food and diets. There's a lot of guilt (overeating,cheating on a diet) and negativity (failure to lose weight,I'm not good at this,I have no will power)  that go along with it that are destructive to self esteem and self image. It can also lead to the failure of any weight loss attempts. You should  be able to eat as much as you like of foods you enjoy.



Implementing change in your diet should be done gradually. Change is stressful on the body and the mind. Start slowly. Do not stop eating all your favorite things in one day. Start by omitting the foods that are really bad for you one day a week and build up. For instance, no processed foods on Monday. The following week add Tuesday to that routine. Have a no meat dinner night... Foods are habit forming and habits can be broken. We create our own habits by repeating behaviors. We are a blank slate that responds to input. Likes, dislikes, and habits. You can reprogram all of that. Consistently repeating the behaviors  you choose will make them habits eventually. You can make the choice to stop eating potato chips for instance and replace them with a healthy alternative potato salad (boiled sliced potato, fresh diced tomato, fresh sliced onion) with lemon olive oil dressing (lemon juice, olive oil, salt) ,no mayo. If you do that consistently your body will forget about the chips, you will no longer crave them. You will start to look forward to the potato salad instead...you'll crave that instead of the chips. A much healthier choice. Easier for your body to process, much more nutritious, lower in calories.  If it's done gradually enough and the foods you really need to avoid are replaced with things you really enjoy there will come a time you won't even care that they're gone. You can enjoy other foods...foods that are better for you and less likely to add to weight issues. You'll wind up looking forward to them as much as you look forward to eating the foods you do now. Once you're at a healthy weight,and have a good balance and have gotten into the habit of rotating your foods, you will be able to enjoy all the foods you like without worries. You'll even be able to snack on chips occasionally without going overboard. Chances are you won't want to though, having reprogramed your tastebuds and the areas of your brain that retain memories of food/taste/pleasure  you won't find them as appealing.


Avoid television

As humans we are very visual creatures. We respond to images. When we are presented with an image areas of our brain are stimulated leading to a literal physical reaction to what we have seen. Memories are accessed including taste, scent,and  emotions.... evoking a strong response. When watching television you are bombarded with images of food and suggestion. Both have a powerful impact. Read a book, work on a hobby, or develop a new interest. Avoid activities that are going to " trigger" eating.

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