Lose weight and keep it off easily!

If you've been dieting and exercising and not getting anywhere or even if it's your first time trying to lose weight here are some things that  can be done that will help you MAKE it happen.

Losing weight isn't always just a matter of what we eat or how much we eat  there are other contributing factors and you can use them to your advantage to help you lose weight. Don't forget  always check with your physician and make sure you don't have any underlying medical conditions that you're not aware of.


Make your body work for you rather than against you                                                                       

One of the first things to do is take a look at your thermostat/ac settings.Our bodies build up fat in response to surrounding temperatures. If our environment is too cool our body will be working to build layers of fat as protection. Chances are your body has already built the layers it feels it needs in response to the temperature settings you normally use. So adjust appropriately. Keeping your environment slightly warmer than you're accustomed to will encourage your body to reverse the process of building and storing layers of fat to shedding them.

Add cayenne pepper and garlic to your diet or daily routine. Cayenne is a great fat burner. Both are warming agents  and encourage your body's natural heat generating processes  boosting your ability to burn fat and your metabolism. They are great for digestion, and circulation which are what distribute nutrition throughout your body and remove waste . Taking them will optimize the performance of these systems ensuring that you extract all the nutrition you can from what you eat and digest it properly.Which is important because our body is going to try to make sure it gets enough nutrients no matter what we eat. If it doesn't get those nutrients it will send out the signals to eat until it does.The garlic should be fresh. One clove chewed daily should be enough, although you can have it as often as three times a day. You can mix 1/4 tsp of cayenne powder with warm water and drink it up to three times a day or simply sprinkle it onto your food. Both cayenne and garlic are hot so use caution. Drinking milk helps neutralize the heat if you find them too hot. If you can't do both of them just do the cayenne.

Make sure you get enough sleep. We burn most of our calories while we're sleeping. About 60% of the calories we burn are burned while sleeping. The rest get burned while we're awake. If you're not getting enough sleep you're also most likely not allowing your body to finish the process of burning that 60%. It doesn't get passed on to be burned efficiently during your waking hours because your body already has the job of burning the other 40% to begin with.

Alternate the foods you eat. Our body works on a storage system. If we eat pasta for lunch it will extract all the nutrients from it,discard the waste, use what it needs at the moment and store the rest as fat for later use. If we later on have pasta for dinner not needing anything from it immediately as it had access to those nutrients earlier it will immediately store all useful nutrients from it as fat.That meal immediately gets turned to fat  it does not get discarded.The body will not throw out anything potentially useful just as you wouldn't throw out a perfectly good roast if you weren't hungry at the moment, you would put it in the freezer. Snacking on the same foods over and over, having the same thing for breakfast everyday, eating the same meats for lunch and dinner, leftovers... all instant fat builders.You could eat nothing but celery sticks and cottage cheese all day every day and your body will still make fat. After a day or so it has had enough of what those foods have to offer and will store them as fat.

Steer clear of processed foods. Use whole foods in their most natural state as much as possible.The artificial ingredients in processed foods so bog down the body's processes it can't function efficiently.Things are often used in processed foods such as silicone dioxide which is SAND by the way (used for flow on  potato chips and other things) that aren't even organic, meaning the body can't break them down any further but it will certainly try to. Slowing things down, tying up processes and resources  that should be working on other things decreasing the body's ability to process what it should be processing to begin with food.

Vitamins. Make sure to take a daily multivitamin as a supplement. When your body signals hunger it's really asking for nutrition. If it's not getting enough nutrients from the foods you're eating it's simply going to continue to ask for more food. So vitamins are a must. Especially if you're eating foods that have little nutritional value. Keep in mind that even foods we think have nutritional value are often seriously depleted of nutrients.

Avoid extreme or sudden and drastic changes in your diet. Don't try to change a lifetime of eating habits and food types in a week or two,or even a month. Your body will scream out in rebellion. It will crave those foods and habits that it's used to processing.  In the same way you shouldn't get up and run a marathon if you haven't exercised in years, you shouldn't change your diet and eating habits suddenly. It's also just as painful and  harmful which will cause stress and discomfort. Your body will  try to make up for it later on down the line too, driving you to consume those things it perceives as having been deprived of, much in the same way you would collapse and need sleep or bed rest for awhile after having run that marathon out of shape.
Once you start doing these things your body's processes will switch from building and maintaining fat to shedding it.Your body will start using the nutrients from the foods you put into it instead of storing them as fat.


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